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Mysterious buttons appear on Newcastle doors

Police are reassuring West Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne,  residents after buttons mysteriously appeared on their doors.

Officers are investigating after receiving a number of reports about the sudden appearance of buttons on doors on Tuesday.

Newcastle Inspector Neil Brotherton said:

“We’ve had a number of reports from people who have found buttons temporarily stuck to their doors in the West Jesmond area this morning.

“It’s very unusual and we are carrying out inquiries into this to find out who has done this, and why.

“We have had no reported crimes linked to the locations of the buttons and at this stage we think that it could be some kind of prank or marketing activity. We are making inquiries in the local area to establish this so we can let people know why this is being done.”

Inspector Brotherton also addressed concerns that the buttons were linked to planned crime, particularly burglary.

He said:

“As a precaution, we have extra officers carrying out patrols in the areas where these buttons have turned up until we know why this has happened.

“We don’t believe there is any increased risk of burglaries or crimes in the affected areas however we’d like to remind people, especially students, about how important crime prevention is.

“Make sure doors and windows are locked and secure and that all valuables are kept somewhere safe and not left in plain view near windows or in the car.”

Anyone with information on the buttons is asked to contact police on 101.

Source – Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 28 Apr 2015

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Roadside Water Trough – West Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne

A roadside water trough, located in Forsyth Road, West Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne,  a few yards from the junction with the Great North Road.

An Ordnance Survey bench mark – a horizontal line with an arrow pointing up from below – is carved into one end of the trough.

These marks were cut by Ordnance Survey levelling staff to provide a network of points at which height has been precisely measured (to the centre of the horizontal line) above sea level.

There used to be about half a million bench marks in Great Britain but they are not needed any more, due to satellite technology,  and about half have disappeared.

More photos/info in the Water Troughs In North East England thread at the Holy Wells & Water Lore Forum  http://holywells.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=200


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Colvill Fountain, West Jesmond


Colvill Fountain, West Jesmond

Situated at the junction of the Great North Road and  Forsyth Road, West Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

  Not working.

The fountain apparently “once rested against the wall of a building” –  no buildings in the vicinity, so was it originally located elsewhere ?  Several years ago there was talk of moving it, presumably to lean against a building again, but so far no action.

The inscription is  incomplete due to weather / human interference…

This fountain was presented to the City of Newcastle by Miss Caroline Sophia Russell Colvill in loving remembrance of her brother, the late Edwin Dodd Colvill who was for upwards (bit missing) years well and honourably known in Newcastle

(the rest is unreadable, although it appears to end with a biblical quotation, from Matthew).

From other sources it appears  it was unveiled  on 22nd August 1889.  All that seems to be known about Edwin Colvill is that he was  a coal fitter.

More photos of this fountain, and others in north-east England can be found at this thread at the Holy Wells & Water Lore Forum – http://holywells.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=78


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