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Oi, Milliband – Where’s My Free Owl ?


Seems a Surrealist managed to hack into Labour’s  press team’s Twitter account yesterday, giving the impression that  Ed Miliband had come up with his most revolutionary policy so far.

Everybody should have his own owl,’ said the tweet that quickly took flight on social media.

One tweeter said: ‘We had  hoped our compulsory owl  guarantee would be a head  turning policy, but sadly it’s no longer going to take flight. #tweettwoo’.

Another, Lucy Vine, said: ‘You know… I think a free owl would actually genuinely make me vote Labour.’

More serious-minded observers pointed out that it would be a  policy unlikely to find support at the Treasury, as baby barn owls cost around £80 each.

To provide one for all 63million people in the country would  cost £5billion a year, or around 5 per cent of the entire budget for the NHS.

But if you think…

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Daily Mail story about sunrises being shown on big screens in Beijing was made up

Pride's Purge

(not satire – it’s the Daily Mail!)

I’m well aware a blogpost about the Daily Mail making up a story is a bit ‘dog bites man‘ as far as news goes but I couldn’t allow this to pass unnoticed.

A few days ago a Daily Mail article went viral about Beijing residents having to watch fake sunrises on giant TV screens because the pollution there is so bad (warning – link to Daily Mail dross):

China starts televising the sunrise on giant TV screens because Beijing is so clouded in smog

Well no prizes for guessing the article was completely made up.

Here’s the full story from Tech in Asia:

No, Beijing residents are NOT watching fake sunrises on giant TVs because of pollution

Is it really too much to expect our newspapers to contain at least some real news?

An amusing postscript to this is a short Twitter…

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