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Thatcher Dead – And Buried !

Well, that’s it then. The old bitch is dead and buried. I only hope someone thought to hammer a stake through her heart, or at least the cavity where a heart would normally be.

What a nice touch to have the funeral on the day that it was announced that UK unemployment has risen to 2.56 million. Had her corpse had been capable of hearing, it’d no doubt have thought “Ah, they’re playing my tune…”

Good riddence.









And now the trash has been taken out, other battles to fight.

Those who keep telling me that Thatcher “changed Britain for ever” might like to consider a headline that appeared in a local newspaper here in North East England this week, and perhaps reflect on whether that was such a good thing. It refers to this city I live in.

It ran –


Thatcher’s legacy – 10 million spent on a funeral, more and more people relying on food banks to survive. It dont half make you proud to be British.




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Thatcher Dead – Celebrating Death The Last Taboo ?

Margaret Thatcher and the taboo of speaking ill of the dead


Interesting article on the BBC site, including advice from an ettiquette advisor –

“Obviously because Margaret Thatcher’s a political figure, and she was an important person, she is going to stir up emotions,” says etiquette expert Jean Broke-Smith.

“But if people are politically anti her, I hope they will be kind enough to say they didn’t agree with her, but they respect what she did. Now is not the time to churn up silliness or bring up bad points – it’s good etiquette to let her rest and focus on her good points,” she says.

Hang on – run that bit past me again…

“But if people are politically anti her, I hope they will be kind enough to say they didn’t agree with her, but they respect what she did.”

But many people didn’t respect what she did.

I didn’t respect what she did.

Are we supposed to to pretend everything was OK really, what a nice old lady she was really ? Just because she’s dead ?

She took little notice of criticism while alive, I hardly think its going to bother her much now.

As for the question of respect for the dead… respect has to be earned while you’re alive.

All the vitriol she’s received, she earned…and is at least an honest reaction.


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Thatcher – Ding Dong The Witch Is Censored

The Wizard of Oz song at the centre of an anti-Margaret Thatcher campaign will not be played in full on the BBC Official Chart Show.

Instead a five-second clip of the 51-second song will be aired as part of a Newsbeat report, Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper said.

Sales of Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead have soared since the former Prime Minister’s death on Monday.

Mr Cooper called the decision “a difficult compromise”.

The song is set to take the number three spot in Sunday’s countdown, according to the Official Charts Company.

Speaking to Radio 1 Newsbeat, Mr Cooper said: “The decision I have made is I am not going to play it in full but that I will play a clip of it in a news environment.

“When I say a news environment, that is a newsreader telling you about the fact that this record has reached a certain place in the chart and here is a clip of that track.”

Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play.

Ben Cooper says the decision is a “compromise” but not a “fudge”

I personally doubt that many people over the age of 16 take Radio 1 seriously anyway, and the BBC in general have quite a long record (no pun intended) of banning songs – The Sex PistolsGod Save The Queen” in 1977, The Dead KennedysToo Drunk To Fuck” when it made the charts in the 1980s, Frankie Goes To Holiwood‘s “Relax”, and a whole host more.

Even Noel Coward got banned for “Let’s Dont Be Beastly To The Germans” way back.

Of course, the thing about the particular song in question here is that its not about Thatcher, doesn’t mention her… all the the implied associations are in the minds of the various groups for and against.

Those against it ought to be grateful – it could have been…


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Thatcher Dead – An Enemy Of The People

Probably one of the most telling comments about the nature of the late Thatcher came from one of her acolytes – Conservative MP Conor Burns, said to be a friend of hers, who was of the opinion that she would have been delighted by the spontaneous grassroots celebrations that have broken out nationwide since the news broke.

He continued –  “The hatred that burns in their hearts against Margaret Thatcher is actually an enourmous tribute to Margaret Thatcher, because she won.”

Really it just confirms what many of us already knew – that Thatcher regarded certain sections of the British public – the very people she as Prime Minister was supposed to be working for – as the enemy, to be beaten.

So she “won” did she ?  What did she win ?  Did she get satisfaction by crushing the very people she was supposed to be working for ?

Sadly, the answer is probably “yes”.  And that’s why people who remember her time in office, myself included, celebrate her death.

Tasteless ?  Perhaps… but then, her policies weren’t very tasteful either.



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