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Thatcher Dead – A Nation Rejoices

Well…the one we’ve been waiting for – the detestable Margaret Thatcher is dead.

Listening to the mealy-mouthed tributes airing on BBC Radio 4 even as I write this, you might think we’ve lost a paragon of amazing virtue  beloved by all and sundry.

In actual fact,  Thatcher and her policies generated real hatred for the woman, probably more so than any other British Prime Minister, including her spiritual heir, Tony Blair.

Savage cuts, broken trade unions,  mass unemployment, selling off public housing and public industries,  the Poll Tax, a pointless war with Argentina over the Falklands –  a case of two bald men fighting over a comb if ever there was one – and the very real fear that, along with her sidekick Reagan, she might lead us into World War III. These are what I recall of Thatcher’s time in power.

Thatcher’s legacy is that she helped make Britain a much more selfish, nasty country, at the mercy of cherry-pickers and opportunists.

And she’s getting a state funeral… sheesh !


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