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‘Just take the fucking picture’ – the charm of the royal family

While the Battle of Britain lasted three months, testing the resolve of millions of Londoners and the RAF, waiting for a photograph to be taken for just a few minutes was enough to test the patience of the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Philip was at a photocall at the RAF Club to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the  battle when he became irate at how long it was taking to pose for a photograph with some war veterans.

Alongside Prince William, Prince Edward and Edward’s wife Sophie, the Duke of Edinburgh pointed at a man and said, “Just take the fucking picture!”,  while others laughed at Duke’s outburst.

Of course they laughed – nice one, putting the pleb in his place.

I just wish the photographer had replied : “just sit down and shut up, you over-privilaged old git. Come the revolution, you’ll be first up against the wall… closely followed by the rest of you grinning idiots. Say cheese…”



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