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Satanic Image Appears On Darlington Pub Wall (Alledgedly…)

Devil's in the detail as pub landlord spots hellish figure on wall

A pub landlord says an image that has appeared on the pub walls is that of the Devil.

Regulars at The Three Crowns, in Sun Street, Darlington, have been hellbent on taking pictures of the strange image and telling their friends about it ever since it appeared earlier this year.

George Jenkinson said:

“This has been a pub since 1885 and I have been coming in here for 50 years and nobody has ever seen anything like it before.

“It is definitely the shape of the Devil, you can see the two horns and the chin.”

The image, which is thought to have been caused by damp, appeared on a wall near the toilets and overlooks the pub pool table and dart board.

Mr Jenkinson was a taxi driver for 40 years before retiring in 2012 and now helps wife Michelle run the old-style street corner boozer, which is more usually famed for its rabbit pie tucked into by drinkers on lunchtimes.

He said: “I’m not reading anything into it. It is just weird. Damp doesn’t usually come up that high.

“It’s drying out now but if it is damp it’s probably pointless painting it over.”

Source – Northern Echo, 12 Mar 2015

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