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Mexican Demons attacked in covert operation

A few weeks have elapsed since Mexico became the first country in the world to be subjected to a covert mass exorcism – but we are still awaiting proof that its demons have fled to pastures new.

The Great Exorcism (exorcismo magno) took place in May, and was presided over by Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, the Archbishop Emeritus of Guadalajara – and a man who was accused last year of inciting violence against Mexico’s gay community.

According to this report, high levels of violence, as well as drug cartels and abortion in the country, were the motivation behind the exorcism which was “carried out quietly” in the Cathedral of San Luis Potos, no doubt to take Satan and his hordes by surprise.

Íñiguez presided at the closed-door ceremony, which was also attended by Archbishop Jesús Carlos Cabrero of San Luis Potosí, Spanish demonologist and exorcist Father José Antonio Fortea and a smaller group of priests and laypeople.

The event was not made known to the general public beforehand. According to Archbishop Cabrero, the reserved character of the May 20 ceremony was intended to avoid any misguided interpretations of the ritual.

Fortea said that:

The exorcism performed in San Luís Potosí is the first ever carried out in Mexico in which the exorcists came from different parts of the country and gathered together to exorcise the powers of darkness, not from a person, but from the whole country.This rite of exorcism, beautiful and liturgical, had never before taken place in any part of the world.

Full story ;  http://northstar.boards.net/thread/174/mexican-demons-attacked-covert-operation

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Chinese ‘paranormalist’ arrested for exorcising a ‘haunted vagina’ with his penis

A MAN who claimed he could could use his penis to rid a woman of ghosts that had taken up residence in her vagina, was arrested in China after performing the “sexorcism” for which he charged $3,000.

Huang Jianjun was arrested in the Guangdong Province after he convinced A Xin that he could remove evil spirits from her vagina by having sexual intercourse. A day later, Xin reported the incident to the police, and Jianjun was promptly arrested.ghost

The victim allegedly came to the self-styled “ghost hunter” because she needed help seducing her boss who she had a crush on.

Xin, an employee of a spice shop was so infatuated with her boss that she sought Jianjun’s help to seduce her employer. Jianjun said could help the two fall in love by performing an exorcism.

The pair allegedly met in a hotel room where Xin was asked strip naked. Jianjun then convinced Xin that he needed to have sex with her and that it was the only way to get rid of the evil spirits. He caimed his dick would banish the vaginal squatters who were preventing Xin and her boss from falling in love.

Jianjun insists that he never had sex with the Xin and that he can’t get an erection due to diabetes. He is currently in jail awaiting trial in Guangzhou.

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Ghosts Laid In Water

Conjouring troublesome ghosts into bottles and consigning them to watery graves used to be a common practice. Is it ever done nowadays ?

Here’s an example from the Rev. Elias Owen

Lady Jeffrey’s Spirit.

This lady could not rest in her grave because of her misdeeds, and she troubled people dreadfully; at last she was persuaded or enticed to contract her dimensions, and enter into a bottle.  

She did so, after appearing in a good many hideous forms; but when she got into the bottle, it was corked down securely, and the bottle was cast into the pool  underneath the Short Bridge, Llanidloes, and there the lady was to remain until the ivy that grew up the buttresses should overgrow the sides of the bridge, and reach the parapet.  

The ivy was dangerously near the top of the bridge when the writer was a schoolboy, and often did he and his companions crop off its tendrils as they neared the prescribed limits for we were all terribly afraid to release the dreaded lady out of the bottle.  

In the year 1848, the old bridge was blown up, and a new one built instead of it.  A schoolfellow, whom we called Ben, was playing by the aforesaid pool when the bridge was undergoing reconstruction, and he found by the river’s side a small bottle, and in the bottle was a little black thing, that was never quiet, but it kept bobbing up and down continually, just as if it wanted to get out. 

Ben kept the bottle safely for a while, but ere long he was obliged to throw it into the river, for his relations and neighbours came to the conclusion that that was the very bottle that contained Lady Jeffrey’s Spirit, and they also surmised that the little black restless thing was nothing less than the lady herself.  Ben consequently resigned the bottle and its contents to the pool again, there to undergo a prolonged, but unjust, term of imprisonment.

Source – Welsh  Folk-Lore – A Collection Of The  Folk-Tales And Legends Of North Wales
Being The Prize Essay Of The National  Eisteddfod 1887

Rev. Elias Owen

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