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Carter’s Well, Low Fell, Gateshead


Nowadays, Carter’s Well is a Cast iron pump with a spring handle and domed cap (not working) located on Durham Road, Low Fell, now a suburb of Gateshead, Tyne & Wear  (NZ25756005).

At least, that’s its current public face – there was, and apparently still is, more to it.

Once a mere spring “oozing out of a hillside“, where in summer people had to watch all night and take water up with a saucer, the water supply to the well was substantially improved when a drift was excavated in this direction from Sheriff Hill Colliery  and water was found in old coal workings.

Thomas Wilson, chairman of the local committee at the time, described the well in his poem “Pitman’s Pay” –

 “No other spring wiv it can vie;
it is a tap that ne’er runds dry –
a cellar where a rich supply suits every rank and station.
And it awd age myekes tipple fine,
wors mun, aw think, be quite devine;
for it’s a batch of Adams wine we gat at the Creation”.



Carter’s Well was Low Fell’s main source of water until the Newcastle and Gateshead Water Company supplied the village with a water supply in the late nineteenth century. Gateshead Council closed the well in 1895 having found a sample to be contaminated with foreign bodies.


More photos, information (and bad poetry !) regarding this well at http://holywells.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=259


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