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Almanac – July 27

1880 – The Battle of Maiwand, one of the principal battles of the Second Anglo-Afghan War. Under the leadership of Ayub Khan, the Afghans defeated two brigades of British and Indian troops under Brigadier-General George Burrows.

 Doctor  John Watson, companion of Sherlock Holmes, was wounded in the Battle of Maiwand, as described in the opening chapter of A Study in Scarlet, which led to him being invalided  out of the military and into a life of  a fictional detective’s side-kick.

1890 – Vincent van Gogh shot himself  (and died two days later).

1949 – Robert Rankin, born.  British humorous novelist. His books are a mix of science fiction, fantasy, the occult, urban legends, running gags, metafiction, steampunk and outrageous characters.

Mr. Frankenstein



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