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We announce the release of a new album by FRANKENSTEIN SOUND LAB.

Titled Radio Frankenstein International,  it is a collision between chance encounters ( in the form of random samples found on short wave radio) and structured music.

Free listen & download from the Malice In Sunderland website –




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Just to let you know that the entire Life Is Harsh In The Land Of Ghosts Theme Park album is now available for free listen and / or download from the Malice In Sunderland website-


This was the third FSL album, recorded on 4-track cassette and largely composed using chance operations – throwing dice mainly. It’s a kind of concept album, built around the idea of a weird and rather lethal theme park –


Handily situated just off of Junction 13 of the A666, The Land Of Ghosts Theme Park is the perfect day out for all the family.

The kids will love the antics of the Killer Clowns…but make sure they dont get too close. Although our Rapid Response Unit can usually recover bodies before they get too badly mutilated, there is an extra charge for this service.

Gasp at the Accidental Death Of A Vampire Hunter, impaled on his own stake, drop into the seance room and eavesdrop on The Unquiet Dead or thrill to the tales of the Brain In A Jar.

Then on for a meal at our Plague Pit restaurant, or perhaps a drink or two in the Hand Of Glory bar – you’ll probably need one !

You’ll have so much fun that you wont want to ever go home again.

And if you haven’t left the park by dusk, you may not be able to.


We’ve actually had several requests for infomation about the location of the Land Of Ghosts….  listen up, folks – it’s not real. It doesn’t exist.

But maybe it will one day…

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Jayne Mansfield & Jimi Hendrix

Today being the 45th anniversary of the death of Jayne Mansfield  got me remembering  the single  she recorded with Jimi Hendrix.

Well – sort of. It was Jayne’s record,  pre-fame Jimi, playing bass and lead, appeared as a session musician. I’ve no idea if they were even in the studio at the same time – according to Hendrix historian Steven Roby (Black Gold: The Lost Archives Of Jimi Hendrix, Billboard Books), this collaboration occurred because they shared the same manager.

The tracks were “As The Clouds Drift By”  b/w  “Suey”

Details for the UK release-

Composers:   As The Clouds Drift By – (Brodsky)  Suey – (Ed Chalpin, Douglas Henderson)
Producer:  Ed Chalpin?
Release date:  21 July 1967
Label:  London
Catalog number: HL 10147



Kind of nice in a 1960s girl-group way, with maybe a nod towards Marianne Faithfull ?



A bit more raunchy, this one, a bit more funky. I have this fantasy of her being backed by The Cramps…what a collaboration that would have been.

Never a dumb blonde, Jayne  had classical training in piano and violin. She sang in English and German for a number of her films, and in  1964  MGM Records  released a novelty album called Jayne Mansfield: Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky & Me, in which she recited Shakespeare’s sonnets and poems by Marlowe, Browning, Wordsworth, and others against a background of Tchaikovsky’s music. The album cover depicted a bouffant-coiffed Mansfield with lips pursed and breasts barely covered by a fur stole, posing between busts of Tchaikovsky and Shakespeare. The New York Times described the album as a reading of “30-odd poems in a husky, urban, baby voice”.



I’d rather like to hear more of that album. It kind of reminds me of the rather strange late-1960s album that actor Peter Wyngarde recorded…but that’s another story.


Mr. Frankenstein


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