Thatcher Dead – And Buried !

Well, that’s it then. The old bitch is dead and buried. I only hope someone thought to hammer a stake through her heart, or at least the cavity where a heart would normally be.

What a nice touch to have the funeral on the day that it was announced that UK unemployment has risen to 2.56 million. Had her corpse had been capable of hearing, it’d no doubt have thought “Ah, they’re playing my tune…”

Good riddence.









And now the trash has been taken out, other battles to fight.

Those who keep telling me that Thatcher “changed Britain for ever” might like to consider a headline that appeared in a local newspaper here in North East England this week, and perhaps reflect on whether that was such a good thing. It refers to this city I live in.

It ran –


Thatcher’s legacy – 10 million spent on a funeral, more and more people relying on food banks to survive. It dont half make you proud to be British.




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