Old Drinking Fountain Attracts Offerings

The FitzGibbon monument in Lisnagry, Limerick, Republic of Ireland, which seems to incorporate a pump or drinking fountain, has become the focus for numerous offerings.

Toys, religious figurines and candles started appearing  at the foot of the monument in Richill, Lisnagry – on the Limerick side of the Castleconnell roundabout – a number of weeks ago.

Paddy Tuohy, of Castleconnell Historical Society, said the items were first placed in a water trough late last year so they couldn’t be seen from the road.

Toys, figurines, candles, musical instruments, a frame with no photo in it have now overflowed on to the base of the memorial. Mr Tuohy said many people are talking about the mystery in the locality.

“I’ve seen them myself. Nobody knows what the story is. In parts of Ireland there are locations called raggy trees but I don’t know of any in Limerick.

“They are trees over holy wells. Statues, holy picture, rags, cloths, belts, braces, false teeth etc are placed there. I know of one in Roscrea. It seems to me like the beginning of a kind of a raggy tree in Lisnagry,” said Mr Tuohy.

It is believed that those who place items at raggy trees are hoping for a cure. However, he says there is no religious significance attached to the FitzGibbon monument.

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