Almanac – July 12th

1789 – French revolutionary and radical journalist Camille Desmoulins gave a speech in response to the dismissal of Jacques Necker,  France’s finance minister, the day before. The speech called the citizens to arms and led to the Storming of the Bastille two days later.

1880 – Birth of  Tod Browning, American film director responisble for the cult classic Freaks and one of the most sought after lost films – and early example of the vampire genre –  London After Midnight.

1947 – Birth of Loren Coleman, American cryptozoologist and author.

1948 – Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion ordered the explusion of Palestinians from the towns of Lod and Ramla.

1962 – The Rolling Stones live debut, at the Marquee Club, London.

1971 – The Australian Aboriginal flag was flown for the first time. The  flag represents Indigenous Australians and was designed in 1971 by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas, who is descended from the Luritja people of Central Australia.  The flag was originally designed for the land rights movement, and it became a symbol of the Aboriginal people, and it looks like this –



1973 –  Death of Lon Chaney, Jr., American actor.


Mr. Frankenstein




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