Almanac – July 5th

X-Day, celebrated by the Church of the SubGenius.

X-Day fell on July 5, 1998, the scheduled “end of the world”, and has been celebrated on July 5 each year since then.

From its inception in 1980, the Church had prophesied that an army of alien invaders (known as the “X-ists” or “Men From Planet X”) would land on the planet Earth and destroy the world of “normals”, “pinks”, and “glorps,” while the members of the Church of the SubGenius would be rescued by the aliens and taken away into space.

Chapters 10 and 11 of Revelation X: The “Bob” Apocryphon supplies additional details as to the precise kinds of fates which supposedly await the “pinks” and “normals” (as well as SubGenii who have not paid their membership fees) left behind when X-Day comes, saying, among other things, that those who are not immediately killed by the aliens will be enslaved by a society of evil clowns known as the “Bozo Cult” until eventually their souls are devoured by the Elder Gods

1889 –  Birth of Jean Cocteau, French writer

1928 –  Birth of Warren Oates, American actor whose film credits include (among many others) The Wild Bunch (1969),  Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974) and Two-Lane Blacktop (1971).


2005 –  Death of Shirley Goodman, American singer and one half of  New Orleans duo Shirley & Lee.


2007 –  Death of George Melly, British jazz & blues musician.



Mr. Frankenstein



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