Almanac – June 25th

1678 – Venetian Elena Cornaro Piscopia became the first woman to be awarded a doctorate of philosophy when she graduated from the University of Padua.

1876 – The battle at the Little Bighorn River, Montana. George Custer and 266 officers and men died in battle with Sioux warriors.
Three weeks previously, Sioux medicine man Sitting Bull saw a vision of many soldiers attacking his camp.
And when Elizabeth, Custer’s wife, was watching her husband and his troops riding off, she saw them reflected in the sky, which she took as a sign that they were on their way to Heaven.

1925 Birth of Clifton Chenier, American zydeco musician & accordion player




1978 – The rainbow flag representing gay pride is flown for the first time in the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade.

2009 – Death of Sky Saxon, American singer (The Seeds)




Mr. Frankenstein



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