The Queen’s English Society, which has railed against the misuse and deterioration of the English language for 40 years,  has finally given up the ghost.

Chairman Rhea Williams decided it was time to close down, and  announced the demise of the organisation in a terse message to members after the annual meeting, which just 22 people attended.

“Despite the sending out of a request for nominations for chairman, vice-chairman, administrator, web master, and membership secretary no one came forward to fill any role,” she said.

“So I have to inform you that QES will no longer exist. There will be one more Quest [their magazine]  then all activity will cease and the society will be wound up. The effective date will be 30 June 2012.”

Queen’s English Society: common complaints

* Missing and wrongly used apostrophes

* Overuse of exclamation marks !!!!! [sorry…]

* Adjectives used as adverbs

* ‘More’ used with the comparative. Eg more sweeter

* Incorrect forms of verbs, eg snuck (as in ‘snuck in’).

* American spell checks

* Failure to start sentences with a capital letter and end them with a full point.

* Misspelling of common words

* Confusion between same-sounding words – their/there licence/license

* Misuse of semicolons

Their website is still up, but doesn’t carry news of its closure at present:



Mr. Frankenstein


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